Saturday, December 28, 2013

Adey! Enna Engae nee kooti pora?

Hey man! Where are you leading me to?

The man: Sid Sriram from where else? From the States.

He puts his heart into the soul of the song.

And to know what I mean or rather what is meant by the soul of a song,
it is not really necessary that one should know tamil (b'cos music has no language!).

Step one:

Listen to a young talented singer Aravind singing the song Adiye from the movie Kadal in the Super Singer contest:

(Towards the end you can see Malgudi Subha explaining the soul part of the song...

Step two:

Now listen to the orginal singer (one wonders how A.R. Rahman zeroed to Sid) Sid Sriram singing the very same song in a guest appearance in the same Super Singer contest a few days back:

Well, you got it! No explanations are needed!!

Any guesses what one would like after listening to the above two?

Yes, of course. Sid singing in the company of none other than Stephan Devassy.
What else!

May their tribe increase...

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