Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Well educated and well mannered...

Well educated and well mannered...

Some are under the impression that an ill-mannered person is ill-educated and vice versa. Nothing can be farther from the truth than this.

But then very rarely we do come across well educated persons are are also well mannered.

We happened to come across one such person today.

This elderly gentleman lives in a house behind ours. In their backyard they have
a drumstick tree which is infested with hairy caterpillars (kambili poochi). These often invade our apartments in the hundreds and cause inconvenience to us.

A few days back I went to his house to request that the tree may be removed. They were away and only the house staff were there, who asked me repeatedly what I wanted. I told them of the issue on hand. They promised me to inform their master.

Today morning as we were driving down we saw him standing in front of his house.
I slowed down my car and when I was about to get down, he says smilingly, "Don't worry, we shall remove the tree. I could not get the men immediately".

What can I say? We have never met. But he might have seen me in my terrace from his house. He understood why I was slowing down and without troubling me too much he comforts me.

Can anyone among you give me one such incident in your recent past?

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