Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coin collecting - the pain and the pleasure...

Coin collecting - the pain and the pleasure...

My liking is for collecting coins from circulation.

I buy my newspaper/s against daily cash payment, just so see what
coins I get.

However on most days I prefer to give change to the newspaperwallah, empathising
with him, knowing how difficult it is to get change. However he manages to give change every time.

Today I had Rs. 3 in coins and was about to give it to him, but however changed my mind and gave him a ten rupee note instead, thinking I would part with the coins if he so wishes.

Well, I got a 2 rupee coin and a 5 rupee 2010 Asian Games coin (in battered condition).

Getting a commemorative coin is once in a blue moon. Maybe once in a month or two.

No pains, no gains! But pain for whom?!!

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