Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Business: Then and now

December 1970: Addison and Company Limited was in Smith Road (near Spencer Plaza, for those of you who do not know Smith Road). The works manager of Addisons Mr. V.N. Venkateswara Rao (fondly known as VNVR) used to cycle down from G.N.Chetty Road and reach his office sharp at 6.30 AM. Between 6.30 AM and 7.30 AM he used to sit in his office room and do his office paper work. He would be free to meet people and I used to go there once in a while to interact with him. After 7.30 AM he will be a very busy person on the job. We used to repair a lot of motors for them. A very pleasant business association. ( I had the pleasure of meeting him in the Nanganallur Anjaneyar temple a few weeks back and he called me by name, spoke to me for about 15 minutes enquiring about me, my family, my colleagues, etc.) Today the Addison and company has shifted out and a children's hospital is to be construced in Smith Road by the Amalgamations group.

January 2014: I am still helping in business. I get an order from a leading company in the Murugappa group. I have not seen the guy in person. I have not even spoken to him over the phone for more than a minute on one or two occasions! Everything is professionally carried out, sending a quote by e-mail, negotiation, closing the sale. Payment advice is sent by e-mail and we will be delivering the item and collecting the payment at the time of delivery. This is also business.

But then, is there no difference between the two situations?

It is okay, but unfortunately such a level of communication has boiled down to the family! Take care....

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