Tuesday, January 21, 2014

"Buying" coins in Facebook groups.

Many numismatists buy coins in FB groups.

As far as I am concerned, buying coins is only a secondary aspect for me. The more important thing is establishing relationships with other like-minded persons around the country.

If I buy some coin/s for Rs.250 or Rs.1039 or whatever these coins arrive right at my door step.

If the Rs.250 coin/s were to be available in a coin shop in my city for Rs.150, the time and money I spend to go there and get those coins would be much more than the apparent difference of Rs.100.

Again the same coin/s may be available for Rs.100 in a city 800 kms away. How do I get to know about it?

What is the big deal? If I think I am happy paying that much, I just pay. I never bargain!

And many a time the persons and friends from whom I have bought have and keep sending me extra coins out of love and affection!

It is better we remember this aspect.

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