Saturday, January 18, 2014

Triple Zero Offer!

Triple Zero offer!

Can anyone who has purchased any product under the triple zero offer raise their hands please?

Well, there are a host of products offered in such a scheme, where you don't pay any processing charges, any down payment and any interest on the loan given to you.

I don't see any hands raised, but many mouths widened!

People don't get fooled by such schemes any longer. But old wine can always be put in new bottles it seems.

The front page of a leading newspaper had an ad from a builder about Zero maintenance homes. That is not speaking about the quality of the building but tells you that you need not pay any monthly maintenance charges it seems. But I could not get one doubt of mine clarified. Whose Lifetime? The buyer's or the builders?

In the same newspaper in the front page of a supplement, a company  offering apartments in a particular locality says: "Unlike other builders who do not make model flats or CONSTRUCT MODEL FLATS IN A SEPARATE TEMPORARY STRUCTURE, we have created the model flat in the actual building that will be kept open until possession to help you compare your home with the model flat thereby giving you absolute clarity and transparency about what you will be getting in your dream home." (caps mine)


Here is the dictionary meaning:
cre·ate  [kree-eyt]
verb (used with object), cre·at·ed, cre·at·ing.
1. to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.

I am told that some years back the builder created a whole floor extra in an apartment complex built in my friend's property.

There is a saying that when the stock market gets heated up, even the guy who polishes your shoe will give you tips on what stocks to buy.

The real estate market right now seems to be in such a situation.

Buyer's Beware!

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