Sunday, January 5, 2014

Yesterday's right maybe wrong today!

When I was young I was told never to reveal the price of the product, but to dwell
upon its features and superior specifications. The price part should come towards the end of the discussion.

Well, things have changed. Thanks to internet, buyers are quite aware of what they want and also the price.

So, if somebody calls me and asks for the price of a particular product, I will instantly give the ballpark figure. Then, and then, I will extend the conversation and ask a few questions and in many cases the product asked for by the customer may not quite be suitable for him.

I suggest you to change your strategy. Instead of talking and giving the price, give the price and talk!!

The customer might have decided the product, but then you are the expert and the one who can really suggest what is good for him, AFTER getting to know his exact requirements.

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