Thursday, January 2, 2014

Shock treatment in marketing....

Shock treatment in Marketing...

There is a tactic in marketing which I call shock treatment.

But it must be used like a brahma astra. Only when absolutely necessary. Chances are it will never fail.

But your approach should be sincere and you should be convinced that there is nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Let me explain how it might work and how it may never (unless you want to take someone for a ride).

Situation where it may not work:

A leading builder is advertising Venice in Chennai. A fantastic model apartments have been constructed which might transport you to a dream world. Hundreds of flats are to be constructed. But as on date I think not even one cft of earth has been dug out. And they say the project will be ready by early 2015 or so. Is it building castles in the air?
I don't know. I wish them well.

But they took me to that place and also gave me a beautiful big book with lots of pictures. None of the scores of questions I sought about the project were answered in that book.

Now the piece de resistance. The sales guy takes out a long list of about hundred apartments and says only three are left to be sold!!

This shock treatment cannot be conducted into me at least!

Situation where it may work:

A leading corporate in Chennai wanted a particular item from me about six months back. I sent in my qoute and they asked me to hold the price for two months and they would place their order. I obliged.

Nothing happened. Again two months back they revived the requirement and still wanted the item at the same price. Again, no deal was finalised.

Two days back my Principals communicated to us that the prices are being upwardly revised. Existing stocks would be liquidated at old prices.

Ah, shock treatment. I wrote to them yesterday saying that we could not hold the price ANY LONGER. However if they REALLY needed the item, they could place their order within a day and we would try and supply them the item at the quoted price.

Presto! Within an hour of my sending the mail, we got the Purchase Order to supply the item.

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