Friday, January 17, 2014

Coins. What Coins? No Coins!!

I went to the Chennai Book Fair to collect coins in the Coin Mela going on there.

IDBI has put up a stall with a beautiful green banner: COIN MELA.

There were three guys in the stall. As I neared it, I could see two people exiting with heavy bags!!

No one was around. I went in and said that I wanted coins.

Coins? No coins. Exhausted.

"What do you mean exhausted. I saw in the papers that you guys can dispense coins for any amount..."

"Media can say anything"

"Oh, come on. Give me coins for at least hundred rupees...."

"Sorry sir, we don't have any coins. You can see the counting of notes going on. Did you see the board outside? We give coins only to stall holders. They had requested RBI for coins and this is the arrangement...."

I peeped outside.

On top of the banner a small print out is pasted. "COINS WILL BE GIVEN ONLY TO STALL HOLDERS"

"Hey, I came all the way to collect coins and....."

"OK. Try tomorrow. We come at around 10.30 A.M."


The fair opens to public at 11 AM and they will quickly give away the coins in about half to one hour and enjoy the holiday.

Well we are Indians.

But I love coins. I am not the one to give up. My aunt's grandson is a publisher and has a stall. I will contact him today and ask him to collect coins for Rs.1000 and take it from his stall later in the day.

Otherwise..... I will inform my progress. There are other ways!!

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