Thursday, April 26, 2012

Americans aping India?

Yesterday I dwelt upon the difference between India and America.

But it seems Americans are aping India.

Here are the facts:-

(1) Recently there was a programme of science education through project work in the local library
in Wake county of North Carolina for children. My daughter wanted to enrol my seven year old grand-daughter and she also informed about this programme to her neighbours (who are all Indians). Of course all the children are Americans(citizens by birth). The on-line booking started at 9 am and when my daughter logged in at 9.10 a.m. the programme had got filled up! She missed the bus.

(2) My grand-daughter is interested in art and has won some prizes in state level competitions. An art programme was arranged by Crayola but they rang up and said they could not conduct the programme since my grand-daughter was the ONLY taker!! Children are not interested in Art. (Nor do parents goad them).

(3) My two year old grandson was enrolled in an exercise and sports programme running to six classes along with eight other children. After two classes only two children are attending!!

I am not generalising. Only putting down in writing, what I observed! Mind you, Americans get scores and scores of medals in the Olympics.

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