Sunday, April 29, 2012

An order is an order is an order

These days there are very many models in air-conditioners and at times a particular model required
by a customer may neither be available with us nor with the manufacturer.

But it might be available with another dealer. Most of the dealers are very good friends too and they
often network among themselves and source the model. The transaction would be done on a cost-to-cost
basis with the understanding that the purchaser pay for the transportation of the unit.

A few months back a dealer friend of mine wanted a particular model which was available with me
and that too within one hour! Our vehicle was about to leave to one of our customers elsewhere.
I stopped the vehicle, loaded the machine and told the driver to first deliver the machine required
by me friend.

My friend was wonder-struck. He rang me up and expressed his sentiments. I told him: An order is an order.
A request is a request and we should try to fulfill it as far as is possible.

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