Monday, April 16, 2012

I am also a student.

During the years 1967-70, I was a student of Vivekananda College (now known as Ramakrishna
Mission Vivekananda College). I studied B.Sc. with Botany as major. Prof. G. Venkataraman was our Professor and he was also the Principal of the college.

Dr. S. Venugopalan was one of our teachers and he had done his doctorate from USA. Under his guidance, the department was upgraded and M.Sc. course introduced in the late seventies. Later M.Phil and Ph.D. too.

He also taught us Religion for one hour in a week. The first period every Monday. I am not sure if this practice still continues.

Dr. Venugopalan used to say: "You are a student. I am also a student. An elderly student".

This has made us to learn something new every day in our lives.

Prof. V.V.Subramanian was one year senior to me in the department and later taught in the very same college and was also the Principal for a few years.

A few months back there was a call from my college and they wanted a deep-freezer for the canteen. I took the opportunity to visit my alma-mater and spend some time there. And I got to supply the freezer.

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