Sunday, April 1, 2012

Collecting - expensive vs inexpensive

You may be knowing or you might have read or you might have come across people with
collectables. These are generally expensive items like designer watches, antiques, motor-cycles,
cars, pens, works of art and so on. To indulge in such activities one must have deep pockets.

Perhaps the most inexpensive collectables which can be developed into hobbies for people
irrespective of their age are stamp collecting and coin collecting.

Once the courier services were approved for inland mail, stamps have lost their charm. These
are no longer available as they are not in common use.

Collecting circulating coins is the most inexpensive hobby!

As a beginning, circulating coins can be collected. Have you ever noticed an odd looking coin
coming into your hands?

A two rupees plus coin (there may be very few of these in circulation a few years down the line),
a two rupees Asian Games coin, a five rupees Anna, Alphonso or C. Subramanian coin...

Any one (or many more) of these coins are likely to come into your hands if you are in Tamil Nadu.

The internet will give you a lot of information on coins.

Why don't you start looking into those coins in your pocket and in those odd places in your home?

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