Thursday, April 12, 2012

Why this use and throw kolaveri?

I live in the new age. But I am an old-timer.

Or am I? No. But the world is making me look like an old-timer.

When the world was not yet a global village, we had the mantra: Be Indian, Buy Indian.

We had the Ambassador and Fiat cars. And those who purchased one could use it for years
and years. It gave employment to lot of mechanics. Spare parts were easily available. All that
is gone. You know better.

We used to have the black ITI dial phones. They lasted for years and years. We were happy with
them. Very happy. Now you have cell phones - smart phones. Crazy phones? You know better.

We had the window air-conditioners. Voltas, Blue Star, Accaire. They lasted for years and years.
They were maintained regularly by mechanics, were repaired. They would be brought to the
workshop and tinkering and metal fabrication work done, compressors repaired, spray painted and so on. Now the Chinese are dumping flimsy stuff (good but not long lasting). They change
the electronic designs in them so often and neither you will get the spares nor can you successfully repair them.

For the sake of two lost buttons, will you buy a new shirt?

Should "Reduce, recycle and reuse" remain a mantra? Can't we follow it?

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