Saturday, April 21, 2012

How we observe things

Have you ever wondered about the power of observation?

Some people have a very good memory and a keen sense of observation. The kind of people who
could write a story, a poem or paint a picture after walking down for some time in some place or the other.

One thing you would have noticed. Suppose you decided to buy a new TV. From that moment onwards
you will see TV advertisements all over the place. While watching TV, reading the newspaper or any magazine, while travelling on the road and so on. You see, these things were always there, only you have got fixed to it now.

Recently I revived my interest in numismatics.  A few months back I bought a newspaper and the guy gave me back in change a 2 rupee Asian Games commemorative coin.  I spotted it at a glance and then showed it to him. He gave me that coin as 2 rupees, but he said that he has never seen such a coin!!

Just check out what I have said!

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