Friday, April 6, 2012

The Lion and the Rat - same old story

Singamum eliyum - yes, the Lion and the Rat.

You know the story. A fierce lion was having a nap. A rat ran over the lion's paw and
seemed to disturb its sleep. The lion woke up and gave a threatening roar. The rat said "Enna vuttudoo". "Leave me alone", after-all I am so small. But I promise to help you one day.

It so happened that the very same lion got caught in a net laid as a trap. It so happened that
the very same rat came by, bit the net in a hundred different places and set the lion free.

Moral? Any big job can be done by patient hard work.

I have heard my father narrating this story to his grandchildren hundreds of times.

But the beauty is that every time he will narrate in different ways and it would seem to be a new story.

Why don't you try to narrate this story in your own words? You may mail me your version to One day I will post those that I receive.

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