Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mega Millions Lottery - anyone?

Mega Millions - anyone?

Mega Millions is the lottery in America (banned in a few states only). Yesterday the lottery amount of 640 Million US Dollars was the world's largest amount available to the winner, provided only one ticket holder were to claim it.

Well, it so happened that there were 3 winning ticket holders with the magic numbers.

Years back the Tamil Nadu Lottery was popular and the first prize amount was Rs.1,00,000 and the ticket amount was 1 Re. My father used to buy a few tickets every month and try his luck.

Some of the things he used to say: (a) Remember that even if you were to win a prize of Rupees one lakh you can't consider yourself to be a lakhpathi. If you have 70 or 80 lakhs, maybe you are one. (b) You have no right to dream of winning a lottery unless you have atleast one ticket in your hand.

Being in America we too were thrilled, more so my wife and we bought a few tickets at a dollar each. Two days back she was working out in her mind to whom all she should distribute the prize money!!

Much later I realised that she was keen on giving away the money but never once did she say anything about spending something for herself!! Wish we all could be like that.

We sat in front of the TV when the winning numbers were picked. The winning numbers were in Greek and the numbers we had in our hands were Latin!!!

Yes, we can only give what we have. What we have to get - Ooparwallah will take care of.

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