Sunday, August 5, 2012

Being on time

My neighbour  is the General Manager (Marketing) in a leading construction company and one of
the qualities that I admire in him is his time consciousness.

Rain or shine, he leaves home exactly at 8 AM (sometimes even earlier).

Marketing people are among the rare breed who would always be on time for any appointment.

My father was in the Air-force and was a stickler for punctuality and we followed his footsteps.

The apartment association meeting would be notified to begin at 9 AM. I and my siblings and
another one or two cousins of mine would be present between 8.55 and 9.05 a.m. Others would
trickle in by 9.30, 9.45 a.m.!!

Recently I was travelling by bus (being a retired person I am now not bothered much about time)
and the traffic was choking. One guy was frequently looking at his watch. I asked him what the
matter was and he replied that his office begins at 9.30 a.m. and it was already 9.45 a.m. It would
take him at least another half-an-hour to reach office.

Coming back to my neighbour, today I wanted to start before him but lost the race by a few minutes.
I was under the false impression that by starting early I could reach my destination well in time.

But alas, I was living in a fool's paradise. It took me longer than usual.

The traffic in Chennai gets on your nerves!!

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