Monday, August 20, 2012

Eternally priced stabilizer !

You might have heard of Chiranjeevi.

Chiram means unending and jeevi means living being. Chiranjeevi means one whose life is unending.
Lord Hanuman is believed to be one such.

But the 4 KVA voltage stabilizer I find could earn such a sobriquet, so to say.

In 2002 it was priced at Rs.1,500. After ten years, in 2012 it is still being sold for Rs.1,500.

Of course the quality has come down a few notches. But that is a different thing.

In 2002, a cup of tea was Rs.2. Today it is Rs.6.

Six months back, before I left for the US, a Kilogram of Fuji Apples sold for around Rs.120.
Today it is Rs.190 per Kilogram.

I could go on and on....

It is high time that the price for this item be increased to Rs.1,800 to Rs.2,000.

Also it is better that dealers realise that they are walking on thin ice at such pricing.

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