Saturday, August 25, 2012

Telephone manners....

Years back there used to be the Sabhari's Institute (later taken over  by Davar's) where they used
to have a Personal Secretary course. Young women after their plus 2 or Degree completion would
join  the six month course where they were  taught typing, filing, office procedures and of course telephone

Alas, today there are no typists. The art of letter writing is lost and with it telephone etiquette too, thanks
to the cell phone mania.

In the good old days telephones were on the table and while speaking to a customer, it was quite easy
to note down the customer's phone number and so on.

These days phone calls are answered from anywhere and no conscious effort is taken to write down the
important numbers and requirement. Many a sale is lost!

Not only that. When I receive a call, I understand that someone is trying to contact me and talk to me
or enquire about something. But when I call up somebody, many among them start talking non-stop without caring to ask me why I called them in the first place!!

When I receive a call I invariably say: How can I help you? (or) if it is a friend or relative: How are you and
what's the news?

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