Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to get frustrated !

Modern day world is full of conveniences - which come in so many different ways.

With the smart phone in your hand it is said that the world is at your finger tips. And so on.

But at times all these will come to naught.

At the time of my leaving the country for six months, I had a particular anti-virus software
with which I was very happy. It was due for renewal, but I thought I will do it after I get back
to India.

A few days back, I went to a popular internet site which gives commercial leads etc. I typed
anti-virus software and many companies in and around my locality were given. I tried three or
four numbers but could not reach any. Mostly the message was: This number is no longer in use.

I rang up a popular company which spends thousands of rupees in advertising. The salesman just
said: The brand mentioned by you is not available. That is all. He never tried to help me.

I found the toll free number of the software company and called them. They said that a person would
call me back and he did. He suggested that I could renew on-line. I told him that I do not have an
on-line account or credit card and that I wanted to pay cash. He seemed to say that it is possible.

When I tried to renew it asked for credit/debit card. My friend gladly gave me his debit card number and
details but the site did not accept the same.

I contacted another person having a computer company and he said that he would send someone to my
house and install a different software which was quite good. Any day, either today or tomorrow my person
will come to your house, he said.

Two days have gone by and no sight of anyone.

The frustration continues.......!!

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