Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sale enquiry is an opportunity to render service...

A sale enquiry is an opportunity to render service.

When you have a mind-set to help (read: serve) the people around you, then the
sale will automatically take place.

Let me give you two examples from incidents in the past two/three days.


Late in the evening a customer spoke to me asking for an air-conditioner and which he wanted to
come and see in our showroom and have it fixed the next morning. I spoke to him at length over the
phone and explained him all the features, etc. I told him not to mistake me when I say that it may not
really be necessary for him to travel a long distance, late in the evening, just to see the model. "You are
not selecting a saree". I also told him that we will send the air-conditioner (he could see the picture and
features in the voltas website) to his house, fix it and collect the payment. As promised, the unit was sent
the next day and payment collected at his door-step. Customer was happy.


Yesterday, again late in the evening around 7 p.m. a customer rang me up and said that she wanted
a water dispenser delivered at Pallikaranai ( a distance of about 25 kms from our showroom) within an
hour or two, since there was a function in her house the next day morning. I told her that I would find out
if anyone is around in our place to deliver the unit to her. One of our technicians, Pechimuthu, readily accepted to deliver the unit. I informed the customer that her need will be fulfilled and left her contented.

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