Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What does the customer need?

Yesterday my service-in-charge came running to me around 10.30 am, gave me a phone
number and said: This customer wants an air-conditioner immediately and wishes to talk to you.

I took my mobile and rang up the customer.

He said: We had booked an air-conditioner with a dealer. But they are not able to deliver the
unit and install it today.We are opening our new office tomorrow at Ashok Nagar.

I got the message. The bottom-line is that we should be able to deliver and fix the unit by evening.

My reply to him was: Please hold the line. Let me check and tell you if I will be able to fix the unit

After ascertaining that my person is available to fix the unit I told him that I would be able to meet
his need.

He came to my office, paid the money. Two of them had come and I asked them whether they
will be able to take the unit with them in an auto. They readily accepted and I followed up and sent
a person and installed the unit.

To bag an order, we should find out the requirement, if met, will clinch the deal.

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