Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to get cheated!

To be frank, I don't want to teach anyone how he or she could get cheated.

Rather, I wish to remind them to be wary and not get cheated.

Again two incidents in the recent past.

I usually buy a few apples now and then stopping on the wayside while driving back home.

A few days back, the seller gave me three apples, which I just put aside in my car.
Lo, when I returned home my wife pointed out that one of the three was a bad apple!

Moral: Inspect your items before taking delivery of them.

Two days back we went to Pondy Bazaar and bought a bundle of plastic rope. The seller
turned away from us put the bundle inside a plastic bag, tied three knots and gave it to us.
My wife who was observant, opened the bag and returned the bundle which was old and brittle.
She insisted in his giving the one which she selected.

Moral: Inspect your items before taking delivery and you are saved!

Have a nice day!

PS: Women are cleverer than men !!!

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