Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Mark of a Gentleman

I recently read an article explaining that Indians are among the most abusive.

Well, that may be so. But there are also many Gentlemen around.

Before I left for the US, I had sold an air-conditioner to a company in Chennai
and the Engineer took a liking towards me.

After I came back from the US, he contacted us and ordered for a 1 ton ac.
We sent the unit to their company, but when it was delivered, my mechanic
found that there was enough space available to fix a 1.5 ton ac which they
wanted in the first place.

They then gave us an old air-conditioner against which I said we will send
them the cheque after evaluating the condition.

I told them that I would send them a certain sum of money which they agreed to.
Somehow the matter was forgotten and the Engineer reminded us about it. We said
we will send the money.....and again forgot to do it!!

Far from being abusive, to which he was anyway entitled to, he sent me an e-mail
with the caption "Gentle reminder".

No words can describe my state of mind. I immediately sent the cheque with profound

I salute the perfect Gentleman.

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