Sunday, August 26, 2012

Humour in Ire

Be humourous. It is humour that keeps us away from stressful situations.

Some years back I used to supply air-conditioners to a retailer who was also a good
friend of mine.

Retailers are notorious for issuing cheques without funds and also delaying the payment.

Our relationship was cordial and remains so even now.

But on one occasion the payment was delayed. The cheque he issued bounced. He asked me
to represent the cheque - and it again bounced.

I went fretting and fuming to his office and confronted him.

What is this cheque that you issued? It bounces like a rubber ball !!

He drew money from his bank (or elsewhere) and gave it to me.
P.S. A rubber ball bounces much more than a cork or cricket ball.

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