Friday, August 3, 2012

Professionalism - easy to recognize....

A friend of mine wanted to sell his Scorpio car, five years old.

He sought my advise as to how to go about it.

I immediately thought of "tsm".  TSM is a brand name and stands for T.S. Mahalingam & Sons
who have been dealing in second hand cars since 1935.

We went to them and I introduced myself and my friend and told them about the car.

They knew about the car. They knew that it came in two colours. They knew the colour of the car.
They knew about the engine. They enquired about the HP and who financed the car. They knew the
financiers and said that they could handle the cancellation of HP.

They immediately wrote down our names and phone numbers in their note-book which was kept open
with a good pen to write with.

They asked us to bring the car and leave it with them and they will arrange to sell it for us at a good price.

Job done.

Did you say that professionalism is difficult to recognize?

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