Thursday, April 30, 2015

If God wills.....

Nobody can refute the statement that things can happen in this world only if God wills.

Your selling an air-conditioner or for that matter any product can happen only if He wills. But our sincere effort should always be put.

A customer wanted some products and he contacted the company. They referred the customer to me. I telephoned them (a store) and offered them a price - lesser than a dealer price. He said he would come back.

After sometime my friend spoke to him and the customer bargained for the price. Eager to do "some" sale my friend lowered the price further and the customer said "God willing" he would send the money and  transport
to collect the items.

Little while later my office contacted them and asked them the billing address so that they could type the bill and go home. Customer said he would "God willing" get back in five minutes.

A minute later he (the very same customer) rings us up (not knowing that it is the very same company where he has just finalized his deal) and asks, "What would be the best price for...."

God willing he might get a better price or God willing he might come back to us. Maybe God has willed that we should not sell the product at a thinner than wafer margin!!

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