Wednesday, April 8, 2015

SSDs - How to get more business

One reason SSDs could increase their business volume was
because of permanent staff and good relationship.

When there is service required, the customer will ring up a
particular person in the company. For that customer even if
there are five mechanics in the firm, only either mechanic A
or B will be allotted the job of going there.

Nowadays if a new unit is installed on day one and on day two
there is a small service issue to be looked into, chances of the
the technician who went on day one going again is very rare.

Though the job is done, it is not an ideal situation. There is no
bond created between the customer and the company.

Choose some of your big ticket customers like say a Bank, or an
Insurance company, a hospital, a hotel or an IT company and so on.

You as the owner and key person who is always going to be there
should visit the client at-least once in a month or two to keep the
relationship strong and dynamic.

You could very well see your business growing.

Good luck!

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