Sunday, April 26, 2015

If your hands and dress are dirty - you are a serviceman!

When cleaning, repairing, servicing the air-conditioners your hands and dress will get dirty!

That is the path you have chosen. In the process of cleaning and servicing your hands and dress will get dirty - that is part of the game.

My friend is a multi-millionaire and he did business in U.S.A. for over two decades. 73 years of age, even today, in Chennai he keeps his first business - an air-conditioning service shop, still running. As soon as he enters his shop he would get into the repair section and do something or the other. That is the love of work.

His brother describes him best: "He will run and make you (others, his workers) to run."

In facebook you would have read about the Japanese consultant who came to Taj group of hotels. People at the hotel wondered what new concept he would teach. He went around the hotel and saw in the pantry many dirty plates. He immediately started cleaning them. Come on - let us clean was his mantra. To serve guests with clean plates it is not necessary to have huge stock of plates - rather, you should clean them then and there to reduce the cycle time.

Another observation doing the rounds is about Infosys founder cleaning his own restroom and car....

A young mechanic wanted a job and said that he had worked for a month in a leading Air-conditioning company. I asked him, "why only one month?".

He replied: I am asked to clean filters and air-conditioners. I want to do all kinds of repair work.....

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Clean the filter as nobody in this world can do a better job than you and then see your growth!!

Have a nice week ahead!

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