Saturday, April 25, 2015

Order booked - supply refused.

A few days back a customer rang me up and said that his boss
had decided which model of 1.5 ton split air-conditioner they wanted
and also that they should source it only from a nearby authorised

I gave them a good price and after sometime the customer agreed
but just asked me to send a technician to see the site and decide
how the unit is to be fixed.

My engineer went there and saw that the area was large - 370 sq.ft.
with a wooden partition having a full length opening of about 9" at the
top.  They wanted the indoor to be fixed mid-way so that both areas
will get cooled.

Customer was advised that 1.5 ton would not be sufficient and they
could either go in for two units or one 2 ton unit after widening the 9" gap.

I sent them a mail explaining this and also phoned them about it.

"O.K. Sir, but we can only buy what our management says" was the reply.

I told them politely that we cannot supply one unit of 1.5 ton air-conditioner.

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