Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Offer credit - but selectively.

Offer credit - but selectively:

No business can thrive without offering some credit. Selling air-conditioners is no exception.

But it must be done with lot of care and due diligence.

A company in Alwarpet approached me recently and I gave my quote.
The customer wanted a week's credit which I refused.

The next day there was a phone call from Singapore ( I knew it was a call from another country from the number displayed on my mobile). The manager of the company spoke to me politely and requested that time
be given so that he could bring the cheque along with him.

I asked him to confirm by mail and also send his company's web-site URL before I could agree.

He did so and I found the company to be a leading company based in Singapore and distributing among other items coil winding machines and so on.

I agreed, supplied the air-conditioner and got the payment on dot.

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