Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thanks to on-line businesses (COD) !!

Thanks to on-line businesses (COD)!!

Yesterday (Saturday) a customer rang up and discussed his purchase
of a 1.5 ton air-conditioner.

He told me that he didn't want to damage the wall and whether we could take the pipes through drilling hole in the wooden frame of window. I said that that is not possible.

After a lot of discussion he said, " You send the machine and your person with swiping machine or collect the cheque".

During the discussions, I could guess the customer as a fastidious person.
Also, I was not sure whether his cheque would get through.

I told him that he could transfer the money on-line. He then again asked: Don't you have payment options in your place? What are the offers and so on.

After a while he said that he has transferred a test check for Re.1/-
and that after confirmation he would transfer the balance. After an hour he asked whether our account had been credited.

After nearly a day and innumerable checks, the Re.1/- has still not reached me.....  Hope it will happen soon.

On-line business with huge turnover and Angels giving them millions can blindly give COD for goods ranging from Rs.200 onwards. People like us cannot afford that you see!

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