Monday, April 6, 2015

SSDs - "Death" of the Salesman !!

During the rise of the SSDs the salesman played quite an important

He was involved in,

(1) Attending to the customers who walk in (if there is a showroom)
(2) Going on cold calls - area wise.
(3) Preparing and submission of quotes and follow-up.
(4) Oversee the delivery of the product, installation
(5) Some general office work

Thanks to the IT culture and other developments all around us
this has completely gone hay-wire

(1) These days, the footprints in smaller single SSD showrooms have
reduced significantly.
(2) Salesman are reluctant to work long hours. (The job of a Salesman is 24x7, but who cares?)
(3) Salesman are reluctant to go on long trips for cold calls. They feel it is "demeaning". The owners are not sure if they really put in so many cold calls or just go to the nearby cinema hall !
(4) The "cost" of the salesman is prohibitive. (For example, if you pay around 15K to a salesman will he be able to get you additional business of around 50 machines?? No way!  Also, Rs.300 per machine cannot be allocated to the salesman alone!!
(5) Salesman used to also get AMC contracts. This has become a thing of the past.
(6) Quotes are nowadays 95% oral and only 5% in writing (to Corporates).
This can be done by the owner himself.
(7) Delivery is by contracted vehicle and installation is mostly by contractors. No work here for the salesman. (As a "salesman" I have helped in lifting the machine, going along in the vehicle, delivery, arranging carpenter, buying wood from nearby shop, sitting through all along and waiting till the machine is installed and run ! )
(8) Office work? If a salesman is asked to deposit a cheque in the nearby bank, he will look around for a mechanic or offic-boy (if there is one) to do the job.

I can go on and on.  God save the SSDs.

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