Wednesday, April 1, 2015

SSD Model is no longer sustainable - Part X

SSDs used to get workers and helpers locally.

No longer is this possible. Even if we get workers they do not stick for more than three or four

An SSD was looking for one or two helpers. Somebody said that they could get hard working guys
by "out-sourcing."  They could get them from other parts of the country. We have to give them
accommodation and wage of 10K per person per month. Also they would come as four people. Not less.

We do not know about such guys. When we give accommodation, we become responsible for their
behaviour. As it is SSD burdened by many issues, how can we take this burden also?

For four people the total cost for the company would come to around 60K.

How much incremental business are we going to do to get around 100K and pay these four guys
60K? They have no skill-set except maybe lifting the machines and cleaning the place and some
such odd jobs which are not directly revenue yielding....

Also language is a problem.

It just does not work out at all.

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