Friday, April 24, 2015

Payment collection - Tatasky way !!!

Whatever business you are in payment collection is an important
aspect. All outstanding payments have to be collected in time.
Recently I switched over from cable connection to DTH.from Tatasky.
They send payment reminder by SMS, follow it up with e-mail. Then
they send messages through TV. To top it all up they phone customers
and follow up for payment.
My monthly payment due is on 29th and today is 24th. I am prompt in
making payment. And of course these guys have the unique way of
disconnecting your connection !!
One guy telephoned me today and said your payment is due on 29th and when are you going to pay? I said today is 24th and you have reminded me so many times in so many ways, don't you worry, I will make the payment. Fine, nothing wrong so far.
Again after two hours another guy phones me and says payment? I asked him: Are you mad? Now when I walk on the road are you guys going to come from three different directions and ask me for the payment? One guy just a little while ago phoned me, so don't remind me again!!
With great difficulty I restrained myself giving a bit of my mind.

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