Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Adakkam (Self-control)

Those of you who have read and who keep reading the Thirukkural  know Adakkam.

Adakkam in tamil means self-control.

My friend Muthukumar came and settled with his family in Madhurima apartment complex which
was built by demolishing our old house and a few adjoining houses of our relatives.

He endeared himself to one and all and we used to call him MK, Muthu or Kumar.
Another friend of ours Selladurai always used to refer to him as "Muthu engal sotthu"
(Muthu is our wealth).

He liked to pluck a few flowers here and there without spoiling the plants (meaning not
plucking all the flowers) everyday in the morning to offer to Mother.

Something he liked very much was whistling. But he was not whistling with gay abandon.

I asked him: "Why".  He replied that someone may mistake him.

What I said:

Not a problem. We like to listen to your whistling. You may please whistle loud. (Only keep
looking at the plants and the compound wall and not towards the residences!!!!!!)

He was very fond of going to music concerts and I had the pleasure of accompanying him many
a time as long as I was in Madhurima.

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