Saturday, May 26, 2012

Old is Gold

It is said that old is gold. Old silver coins (why call them junk) are gold. Yes, these silver coins have increased in value many times above the face value.

Back in India, when I was a young boy, there used to be a regular news item in the local papers. It was the quote for New York cotton (or some such item). I believe people used to bet on the next day prices or something like that. 

Even today the papers carry the daily prices of eggs, bullion, whole-sale vegetable prices and the exchange values of the currencies of various countries.

In most stores we see the pictures of vegetables and the corresponding prices. So, in this internet age it is not difficult to put up the value of the old silver coins on a day-to-day basis (maybe along with the pictures).

One can surely save and put aside some of these coins every month. One hobby could be to open an XL sheet in our computer and work out the day to day value of our coins and get some kick out of it!!


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