Thursday, May 10, 2012

"I am a fool if....."

Bounced cheque is  a rare occurrence and only very few and far between.

But small business owners should remember that pilfering happens all the time, in almost all the places.

We at Prabal Electricals were engaged in repairing small and big electric motors. The repair work mainly
consisted in removing the burnt copper wires from the motor and rewinding with new copper wire.

We had a fairly elaborate system to account for the wires. We will check when the burnt wires are being
removed, monitor when they are weighed and kept in the locked store room. Again, when fresh copper wires are issued, we will weigh and note down the measure. After they are returned, we would weigh them again and
verify. The system was excellent. Or was it....

My friend PRS (Mani) who was the owner of the business told me: "I am a fool, if I believe that there is
no pilferage in our company!"

Boys will be boys. Despite all the precautionary measures some pilferage was happening at all times. Sometimes the cat will be out of the bag. But overall things were very much in control.

"I am a fool if...." shows the business acumen of my friend, his keen observation and practical approach.

Let every businessman or woman remember this!

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