Saturday, May 12, 2012

We are like a sandwich.....

At Crystopal we became dealers for Voltas air-conditioners in 1979.

I took over the reins of Crystopal in January 2002 and the years 2002 to 2004 were good years
for our business. I was delighted to celebrate the Silver jubilee of Crystopal and Golden jubilee of
Voltas (which commenced operations in 1954) in 2004.

Business tapered from 2005 onwards due to various reasons. Air-conditioners became to be
sold like a commodity. There was hardly any revenue worth mentioning from AMCs, repair work
and renting of air-conditioners. Sales margin dwindled due to fierce competition and customers
became more demanding.

My friend Mohan came back to India in 2007. By then the company also became more tight-fisted.
On one side a  company requesting to increase sales volumes and on the other side demanding customers.
This made him to remark: We are like a sandwich pressed on both sides!

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