Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eidetic memory

Eidetic memory is also known as photographic memory.

Some persons have a very great eidetic memory. Swami Vivekananda was one such person. He could go through  a dictionary once and could tell the page number in which a particular word appears in that dictionary.

Some persons have a very good memory and some other try to develop it.

My friend PRS (Mani) had a very good memory. We used to run an electric motor repair shop in which
scores of motors will be lying in the shop-floor to be repaired. Whenever he returned to the shop after
a few hours or few days, he would go round the shop-floor and could easily spot the ones that had come in
for repairs in his absence. For me, I had to look into the receipts book and identify those motors.

We had a number of open almirahs in which items would be lying in so many rows and columns. Once when
my friend was away in Bellary, we could not locate a small coil which was to be repaired and returned urgently.
We rang him up and explained our predicament. After a few minutes he said , " the first almirah on your left
as soon as you enter the shop, fourth column, fifth row". Lo, the coil was there just behind some other item.

That, one can say, is almost eidetic memory!

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