Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Humour - are we moving away from it?

I was always under the impression that Americans have a good sense of humour and enjoy it.

But of late I am beginning to doubt it.

Two days back I went to Walmart in North Carolina and the person in the gate was a
very humourous person. He was a jolly good person and was welcoming everyone in
a rather loud voice and enjoying himself. Actually his behaviour should put everyone in
a good mood, it did to me. But hardly anyone cared. Or exchanged a few pleasantaries
with him.

Today I took the Southwest Airlines flight from NC to Austin, Texas. The guy who
checked the boarding passes in Nashville was extremely humorous. I laughed loudly.
But no one seemed to care. When he continued in the same strain, a few smiled.

As we were getting down in Austin, one of the crew members said over the PA system:
Hope you had a nice journey. And do come back. Because if you don't we are the ones
that will miss you the most!

Sense of humour - where are you bound?

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