Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bounced cheque again!

There are people out there (meaning all over the world) who issue cheques which bounce.

Today I came across a complaint posted in the web, where one customer had mentioned that
a retailer in Chennai did not supply the air-conditioner paid for even after four weeks. When the
customer demanded the money back, they gave a cheque which bounced! I sent an e-mail to the
customer to know what happened thereafter and got the reply that they paid the money after one

Being interested in coins I was reading some of the news items in where they have
reported about travelling coin buyers taking coins from customers and issuing cheques which bounced!
The customer loses his coins, doesn't get the money and loses 7.50 dollars as bank charges.

This morning, I was speaking to my friend in Chennai who reported that the very same cheat who had issued
a cheque and purchased thirteen air-conditioners about six weeks back and issued a cheque which bounced, a few days back was bold enough to this time purchase forty five air-conditioners and issued a cheque which was
not good. Only this time he was traced and a large part of the machines were recovered. The rest he
had sold for discounts upto 40% of the mark up!

I would like to remind my friends of one thing which they should never forget. An order for forty-five
air-conditioners will mature only after protracted negotiations and we will also know at-least of one or
two of the competitors who  are in the fray to nab the order. Nobody buys 13 or 45 air-conditioners in a flash.

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