Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If you have nothing to do.....

I saw this on a friend's table:

If you have nothing to do, don't do it here.

Can anybody really do nothing? Yes, they can!

The normal working hours of our company Prabal Electricals was from 9 A.M. in the morning
until 5.30 P.M. in the evening with a half-hour lunch break.

There used to be one guy whom we used to call as T.M. On most of the days he would come late.
He would check in by 9.15 a.m. or 9.25 a.m.

On certain occasions, we would tell him to be punctual. More so since he was in the supervisory
category - it would be appropriate for him to come by 8.45 or 8.50 a.m. regularly.

He would not listen. But one funny thing. After 5.30 p.m. he would go and sit in the chair beneath
the office clock with folded hands and mutter: "I have got conscience. I was late by 20 minutes today.
I am going to make up that time. And every once in a moment he would stare at the office clock above his head to see if the minute hand had approached 10." At 5.50 p.m. he would dart out of the office.

I and my friend PRS (Mani)  told him: You have to learn to be punctual. It does not matter if you are late by 10 or 15 minutes.But better be punctual in leaving by 5.30 p.m.!!

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