Thursday, May 3, 2012


You might have heard of the Incas of Peru. Ah! You remembered having read this in your history books.

But what you may not know is that Peru is one of world's largest producer of Silver. The Incas called silver
"Tears of the Moon".


In 1966 when I entered college the most preferred group was MPC. Maths, Physics and Chemistry. One could join engineering only if he/she took MPC. Even today this group is the most sought after. But what has MPC got to do with silver?

Mexico, Peru and China. These are the largest producers of silver. In 2011 Mexico produced close to 153 million ounces followed by Peru (110 MO) and China (104 MO).

There is some silver mined in India too. In 2011 the quantity was around 11 million ounces. Remember that India is one of the largest importers of silver.

Due to escalation of gold price, of late there has been very good demand for silver jewelry (costing less than 100 dollars) in US and Europe. So much so, the export of silver jewelry from India has increased by as much as 44% in 2011-12 and expected to increase by another 35% in 2012-13.

But why am I saying all this? It's a right time to invest in silver. You can expect very good returns in a time-frame of 6 to 18 months, with very little downside risk.

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