Wednesday, May 30, 2012


JIT stands for Just In Time.

A ship is safe in the harbour, but it is built to move goods from one place to another. Likewise, a lorry
which moves goods from one place to another has to be constantly on the move.

When I was studying Materials Management, a friend from Lucas TVS stated that the lorries which
came to their factory to unload raw materials sometimes used to be parked for two or three days waiting
to get their turn in unloading.

The science of Logistics management was born.

Inventory build up should be minimal in a factory and after the advent of computers companies
were able to forecast the quantity and time at which such inventories were needed.

JIT was born. If we needed to make 50 cars today, then we need 200 wheels out of which
100 could be delivered the previous day evening and 100 by 12 noon today. Something like
that. So the delivery schedules were made out is such fashion and the lorries were expected
to arrive at such-and-such time at such-and-such gate number.

I do not know how far these exercises have been successful in our country.

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