Friday, May 11, 2012

Smile in adversity (Idukkann varungaal naguga)

There is a saying in Tamil: Idukkann varungaal naguga.

It means one should smile in adversity ( that is to say, not to take the situation too seriously).

Our company Prabal Electricals commenced business in late 1965 when I was still in school. My friend
PRS (Mani) joined in late 1969. In the hey days of the seventies and eighties we used to have well over
thirty workmen at any point of time. But due to strong urbanisation and other factors the strength dwindled
in the nineties. And another problem came up. Large scale absenteeism.

My friend Mani used to say: If we want 15 persons to take care of our workload, we should employ atleast
20, so that we have atleast 15 on any given day. But where was the force? And that too, skilled?

Some guys used to absent themselves at will. My friend Mani got sick of the situation.

One fine morning he told our workers: I no longer want to listen to your reasons. I am allotting the
numbers. If anyone is absent hereafter, just tell the number and get going. Don't waste our time and

1) Headache
2) Not feeling well
3) Death in my neighbour's house

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