Sunday, June 10, 2012

Black & White.

I wanted to put something in black and white.

Black & White is the famous scotch whisky founded by James Buchanan.

But today I want to talk about a song with black and another one which has white in its lyrics.

 The song with black in its lyrics is the famous song featuring Mehmood and sung by Mohammed Rafi in the film Gumnaam. It is Hum Kalen Hain To Kya Hu (What if I am black?).

The song with white in its lyrics is by Deva in his famous gaana song Whittu Lagaan in the movie
Priyamudan.  The tune is almost similar to the above hindi song.

Both these songs may be found in You-tube and you could enjoy listening to both.

I am a fan of Deva and recently I enjoyed listening to his speech (with some humor) which
also shows that he is a very simple and unassuming person. Search in You- tube for: Airtel Super Singer
Sai Charan felicitation.

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