Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The lover of pens - Panmozhi Pulavar Dr. P.B. Sreenivas

Alas! Woodlands Drive-in restaurant is no more. Having stayed in Gopalapuram for fifty years,
I used to frequent Woodys as it was popularly known. Dr. P.B. Sreenivas loved the place so
much and one could always spot him in his favorite place penning a lyric or other.

He always carries a lot of pens in his pocket which I love. I too wished to carry three or four
pens in my pocket like him, but it has not happened so far.

Other than that, he is a great fan of singer O.S. Arun. I have seen him in most of the concerts
of O.S. Arun. Dr. P.B.S. has penned ghazals in tamil sung by O.S. Arun.

As a fan of Kulasekara Alwar I was glad to have bought the Mukundamala cassette sung by
Dr.P.B.S. I have listened to it scores of times.

On one occasion in a programme, I walked up to him and sang one stanza from Mukundamala.
He looked pleased.
In a pensive mood?

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