Sunday, June 17, 2012

A penchant for pens, but....

I love stationery shops in general and pens in particular.

There is an exclusive pen shop in Chennai and this is what the copy writer has to say:

"....But, we're hoping, Editions, perhaps, will be able to revive a writing revolution that seems to
have gone awry as reliance on computers has steadily increased and the art of handwriting gradually

I beg to differ.

Though this shop says that pens start at Rs.700, they go up to Rs.15,00,000 each.

As for me, I may never be inclined to visit that shop. Just guessing: They may view me as
some kind of a specimen!!

Some years back a guy came rushing into a sweet shop and asked which is their costliest sweet.
When the shop-keeper quoted some amount, he was very sad. Only that much? I wonder whether
the person or the person receiving that sweet will really relish it.

Recently my son-in-law's friend visited our house and he told me how during his marriage his
father-in-law had gifted him a pen costing Rs.2,00,000. I am afraid to even look at it, he said.

Yes, he does not relish it, rather cherishes it.

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